Family Farm

Family Farm

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Leaving Your Fresh Eggs Out to Enjoy!!!

Don't hide your pretty eggs in the frig. Leave them right out on the counter in a basket or bowl. As long as you don' wash them (the natural 'bloom' is what keeps out air and bacteria), they will keep for several weeks unrefrigerated. If you're unsure if they're still safe to eat, just pop one into a glass of water. Toss any floaters, the rest are fine.
And folks, don't "wash" your eggs with mineral oil or other cleaners. Eggs are very porous and will absorb easily. If they are dirty, a little warm water and a bit of olive oil will keep them nice. Whatever you put on them will absorb into the egg! They have their own natural protectant with the shell :) (Trish)

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