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Family Farm

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Homemade Mosquito Trap

Making a Mosquito Trap

1 2 liter soda bottle
a sharp knife
black paper
... tape
candy thermometer
Take a 2 liter soda bottle. Cut off the top right below where it starts to narrow for the top.
Make a simple sugar syrup.

1 cup sugar
1 cup water
2 cups cool water
1 tsp. active dry yeast

Bring 1 cup of the water to a boil.
Dissolve the sugar into the boiling water.
Once the sugar is dissolved completely, remove the pan from the heat. Stir in 2 cups cool water, stir well.
Check the temperature of the syrup to make sure it is no hotter than 90 degrees F, if hotter, let cool to 90 degrees F, add 1 tsp. active dry yeast, no need to mix. Put syrup in the bottom part of the bottle, using the cut off neck piece, leave in place.
Be sure to seal the two parts of the bottle with the tape. The fermenting yeast will release carbon dioxide.
Put black paper around the bottle since mosquitoes like dark places and carbon dioxide. This mosquito trap will then start working.
TIPS: Put the trap in a dark and humid place for 2 weeks, you'll see the effect. You'll have to replace the sugar water + yeast solution every 2 weeks

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  1. Easier to use 1/4 cup brown sugar and a Tblsp or 2 of water -- mix in bottom half of bottle add 1 tsp yeast, stir and tape the top part of the bottle on with black electrial tape, much faster and same does the same thing.