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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Winter Preserving Ideas (For Experienced and New Preservers)

Recently we’ve shared our reasons that winter is a great time to preserve as well as announced a preserve swap in Toronto as our next event.  With those things in mind, we thought it made great sense to do a roundup of some of the great winter recipes we’ve found from friends and other strangers online.  There are great recipes from people we trust as well as some of our own recipes within in.
Waterbath Canning (requires no special equipment)
  • Sour cherry Meyer lemon marmaladeDesert by Candy freezes sour cherries in the summer and matches them to Meyer lemons when they’re in their peak season for this spread.  We dehydrated sweet and sour cherries this year and I think their texture could be really interesting in this type of dish.
  • I’ve never made jam with bananas but this Island Jam looks really interesting and is a great original take on preserving from Freds In The Head
  • Grow It Cook It Can It shares their Citrus Marmalade.  This recipe is jammed full (pun intended) of a bunch of different citrus and a great winter recipe.
  • Here’ another marmalade from Two in the Nest Mama.  This one appears to be more-in-line with the traditional marmalade (a bit on the bitter side) but a great sample of a classic.
  • Sweet orange marmalade from Mermaid’s Treasures.  Some marmalade can be very bitter – this looks much sweeter and would be a great glaze for chicken amongst many other uses.
  • Carrot Jalapeno Peppers.  Southern Fried Curry – you had me at jalapeno!
  • Snowflake Kitchen takes frozen fruit, combines with lemon and makes a yummy looking winter jam (we have some frozen blueberries that might just make it into this jam soon!)
  • This Little Pint of Mine shares another marmalade as part of their “52 Preserves, 52 Weeks” – proving that preserving is indeed a year-round event.
  • Uncanny’s marmalade takes us in a different direction – using kaffir lime leaves and sounds awesome!
  • Curried Cauliflower Pickles from My Pantry Shelf.  Booya!   This is so far up my alley that it’s practically in my driveway!
  • The tiniest marmalade in the world is shared by Food in Jars with their Kumquat marmalade.
  • Marisa (Food in Jars) steps it up with Blood Orange Marmalade; I’ve always found their name so intimidating but this recipe isn’t.
  • Local Kitchen shares her Cranberry Habanero Mustard.  I have no words; this just looks awesome.
  • Kaela (Local Kitchen again) also shares her Apple Carrot Chile Chutney.  We don’t make nearly enough chutney in this house; this might be a starting place!
  • Pickled Leeks are great in the middle of winter.
  • Spicy Pickled Carrots are another sure-fire (pun intended) winter preserve.

Pressure Canning (requires a pressure canner)
  • Pressure canning dry beansThis was sent to us by Lynn S. on our FaceBook group.  It’s such a cool idea – it starts with dried beans and pressure cans them while rehydrating them – it’s less totally work than rehydrating those beans one-batch-at a time and is on my must-do list for the next rainy day at home.
  • I’ve never pressure canned potatoes but Pat (Mermaids Tresures again) has me interested in trying.  Having cooked potatoes on hand could save a lot of time on those nights that just don’t have enough time.
Dehyrdating (generally requires a dehydrator)
Fermenting (no special equipment)
  • Vinegar.  Cubit’s shares a beautiful post on how to make apple cider vinegar from scratch – this is on the must-do list for next year to-do list for sure!
  • Kimchi.  It’s a winter classic and Put a Lid On It shows us a great take on making it!
  • Sauerkraut – our friend David Ort (Food with Legs) shares how you can make a tiny bit of kraut at a time.  Extra bonus for the spicy part!
  • Gingery Lime Pickle from Tigress.  This is off the hook – I keep seeing posts and thinking I gotta make that – but I GOTTA GOTTA make this!
  • Tigress also brings us a sweet fermentation by working with these adorable kumquats.  We need a warmer windowsill to sit these in!

Of course there’s many, many more all around – check out the sites above for lots of great ideas to help even further – and add your favourites in the comments below!

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