Family Farm

Family Farm

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Keep Your Chicks Warm!

Have you ever wondered how people managed to raise chicks before heat lamps, nifty brooder setups and the like ?

Well, according to Minnie Rose who wrote 'Recipe for Raising Chickens' and who raised chickens for 60 years before dying in 1...975 at the age of 86, if a chicken for whatever reason couldn't or wouldn't care for newborn chicks, she would put the chicks in a box with shredded newspaper and a glass jar filled with hot water wrapped in aluminum foil to radiate heat, cover the box with an old wool sweater to keep the warmth inside, and place it near a heater.

Great information to keep in the back of your head if ever you lose power or your heat lamp bulb burns out and you can't get another one right away (although I always have a spare in the house just in case).

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