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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Homemade Hairspray

I was so excited to share this recipe for homemade hairspray that I had a hard time conducting an adequate test phase! I’m happy to report that after using it every day for over a month, I’ve been thrilled with the results. Here’s how and why I make my own hairspray.

My issues with commercial hairspray

Nowadays I have very thick, curly, long(ish) hair and need to use a generous amount of hairspray no matter how I style it. (My hair scares Matt if I don’t tame it with at least a little bit of hairspray.) I used to be a fan of maximum hold hairspray, but it left my hair so crunchy my 4 year old nephew wanted to touch it every chance he got. The chemicals and cost of keeping my coif looking good frustrates me. I cringe when I think about the chemicals I inhale with cheap hairspray, not to mention that is sits on my hair all day. The cost of natural hairspray tends to make me cringe too.
It’s time for something different.
To my delight, Matt received a basic recipe for homemade hairspray from a diyNatural reader named Charli. I. Was. Giddy!
I tested the recipe, made a few tweaks, and came up with…

Citrus-Lavender Hairspray

  • 1 orange or lemon
  • 2 cups water
  • 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol or clear grain alcohol (vodka, gin, etc.)
  • 6-8 drops of lavender essential oil
How to make hairspray1

Step 1

Cut a whole orange or lemon into wedges and combine with 2 cups water in a small pot. Boil over medium high heat and reduce liquid by half.
How to make hairspray2

Step 2

Strain liquid through cheesecloth into a measuring cup. If you boiled too much liquid out add water until you have 1 cup. Allow citrus juice to cool.
How to make hairspray3

Step 3

Add alcohol and essential oils to the cup of citrus juice. (Feel free to experiment with your favorite essential oil or leave them out altogether.)
How to make hairspray4

Step 4

Use a funnel to pour into a spray bottle (at least 10 oz.). Shake gently before each use.
How to make hairspray5

A few things to note…

This is not a maximum hold hairspray that will freeze a prom up-do or 80′s bangs. I can say with confidence that it’s a flexible hold formula. I was a loyal user of firm hold hairspray for years before trying this formula… now I PREFER this to my old sprays.
This formula has been tested on my brunette hair. Hairspray made with an orange has a bit of a darker tint, so if your hair is light-colored you may want to use a lemon.
Grab the orange or lemon sitting in your fruit bowl and give this hairspray a whirl

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