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Family Farm

Sunday, February 19, 2012

19 Creative Plant Markers To Make
Lots of clever ideas here for making labeled markers that can be used for both outdoors (in the garden) and indoors (for house plants). Many are quite inexpensive to make using simple supplies that you probably already have around the house, you’ll find a few utilizing recycled items like soda cans, old spoons and vinyl blinds or smooth rocks right from the garden. Have fun!
Clay: Cute! You will need polymer clay, armature wire, stamps (to press into the clay for the herb names) and acrylic paint for the lettering.
Chalkboard Style: Made with wooden paint stirrers, chalkboard paint and labeled with a white china marker (grease pencil) & nope, it won’t wash off in the rain.
Polymer Clay: Cute! Project similar to the one above but with some differences.
Glass Tops: Made with glass aquarium pebbles, sticks, raffia, glue, fruit and vegetable illustrations (free printable via pdf).
Metal Spoons: Repurpose a few large spoons, magazine clippings (with pictures of vegetables and plants), glue and polyurethane.
Stamped Spoons: Requires a metal stamping kit and permanent marker. A few of these swirling around the net but I think this one’s the original DIY.
Labeled Stones: Find several flat, smooth stones, and label each one with the name of a plant using alphabet stamps and dye-based (permanent) ink.
Painted Stones: These super-easy but functional and reliable labels require only a few large, smooth stones, acrylic paint, and a waterproof marker.
Soda Can Tags: If pretty isn’t your thing, make these tags with soda cans, wire and permanent marker.
Terra Cotta: Made by painting broken pieces of a terra cotta pot and attaching to metal stakes.
Vinyl Blind Slats: Easy peasy! Just label the plant name onto the slats with permanent marker and they’re good to go.
Printables: These are editable and come in two different sizes. Download is in .doc format.
Copper: Made with 36-gauge copper sheets, 12-gauge wire, a paint marker and clear enamel spray.
Juice Can Tops: Made with juice can tops & bottoms, a wire coat hanger and embellished with pretty beads.
Stamped Clay: Simple yet lovely! These are made with polymer clay and rubber letter stamps and then baked to harden.
Engraved Aluminum Tape: The tape is wrapped around plastic knives and then “engraved” with the plant name using a dull ballpoint pen.
Wine Corks: A hole is drilled into the bottom of a cork and then a bamboo skewer inserted. Write the plant name on the cork with a permanent marker.
Recycled Plastic: Tags are made with strips cut from plastic lids (from ice cream pails, etc.) then marked with an old school DYMO label maker.
Rustic French Style: Made with small pieces of wood, bamboo, raffia or string and labeled with a felt pen or Sharpie.


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