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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Homemade Breads: {Both Oven Baked & Machine}
It's Hard To Beat A Crusty Bread Pulled Hot From The Oven

Freshly baked bread, still warm from the oven, sliced thick and slathered with real butter and topped with some homemade strawberry jam or slices of thick cheese, delicious! Baking bread is not only heavenly, it’s a substantial treat made with wholesome ingredients and no added preservatives. Who knew something so simple and basic as a loaf of bread could have so much goodness to offer!
This Recipe Hit List is a collection of breads to make that I’ve handpicked from around the net, you’ll find lots of varieties to choose from: White, Oat, Rye, Whole Wheat and more (including a large list of bread machine recipes towards the bottom of the page). I also added a vintage picture tutorial showing how to shape bread dough and a vintage recipe (just over 50 years old). Lots here to check out, enjoy!


*Note: Descriptions below are quotes from the sources
  1. American Sandwich Bread: Must say, this bread really delivered. It really is a wonderful homemade sandwich bread. One of my major gripes about other loaves I have made in the past is that, while delicious, they do not have the height that I am looking for in a sandwich bread. However, this loaf has great height. The dough was just beautiful to work with and it rose easily. I also appreciate how quick the whole process was. I started in the morning and before lunch we had fresh bread for sandwiches. Fabulous! Recipe found at Annie’s Eats.
  2. Decadent Sweet Milk: This makes a soft sweet loaf of bread. It can be totally made in a bread machine, however, I just used the machine to make the dough. Recipe found at Frugal Dr. Mom.
  3. Deli-Style Rye: All I’m going to say about this recipe is that after making it, I decided that I am never going to the grocery store for bread ever again. Let’s not ruin this with any more words – just enjoy. Recipe found at Pete Bakes!
  4. Whole Wheat: A fresh slice from the oven with a little butter on the top is like a taste of heaven! Espe­cially when this bread comes from your very own oven and is made from qual­ity ingre­di­ents, no addi­tives, and soaked for the high­est nutri­tional ben­e­fit! Who can ask for better? Recipe found at Passionate Homemaking.
  5. How To Make Great Homemade Bread: I’ve come to appreciate a great loaf of homemade bread for the taste, consistency and the price! With this recipe my kids prefer homemade to store bought bread. Recipe from What’s For Dinner.
  6. Oatmeal Toasting Bread Recipe: Makes three 8″ x 4″ loaves approximately 24 ounces each, plus 10 ounces dough to save as ‘old dough’ for your next batch. Recipe found at Farmgirl Fare.
  7. Easy, No Knead Crusty Bread: This easy bread recipe requires no kneading, and uses the heat and humidity of a Dutch oven to achieve the perfect crispy crust. Recipe found at Mother Earth News (recipe is on page 2 of article).
  8. Whole Wheat Beer Bread: Look at that gorgeous loaf! It has a firm and crunchy outer crust but is still soft on the inside. I am so proud of my loaf!! Recipe found at Happy Herbivore.
  9. Jamie Oliver’s Basic Bread: I’m still really mad about bread – I love it. It’s so exciting. It’s such a rewarding, therapeutic, tactile thing and you’ll be so proud of yourself once you’ve cracked it. Recipe found at
  10. Speedy No-Knead Bread: Recipe from The New York Times.
  11. Cuban: This is another one of those breads that are fast and delicious. This recipe comes from the Tightwad Gazette, and is done in less than an hour and a half. Hooray! Recipe found at Fun Foods On A Budget.
For Amish Friendship Bread, see this page for recipes. Sourdough recipes are found here.

How To Shape Loaves: Rolled Dough Method

Step 1
With rolling pin, roll dough out to uniform thickness, stretching by hand to form rectangle approximately 9″ x 12″. Make certain to break down all gas bubbles in the outer edge of the dough.
Step 1 - Rolled Dough Method -
Step 2
From upper edge, roll dough toward you, jelly roll fashion, sealing dough with heel of hand after each roll of dough. (About four turns will bring you to last seal.) Be sure to seal final seam on bottom of loaf.
Step 2 - Rolled Dough Method -
Step 3
Seal ends of loaf by using the side of hand to get thin sealed strip.
Step 3 - Rolled Dough Method -
Step 4
Fold sealed ends of loaf under, using fingers. Avoid tearing dough.
Step 4 - Rolled Dough Method -
Step 5
Place shaped loaf, with seam side down, in well greased bread pan (approx. 8″ x 5″ top inside measure).
Step 5 - Rolled Dough Method -
Step 6
When bread has risen until doubled put pans in oven, leaving space around each pan so heat can circulate freely around pans.
Step 6 - Rolled Dough Method -
Source: Robin Hood Breads & Rolls, 1961

20 Bread Machine Recipes: Breads, Rolls & More

This Recipe Hit List was put together when I received an email request from Rebecca who just got a brand new bread machine and is now looking for recipes to try. There are so many delicious breads in this list and I really don’t know how you’re going to pick the first one to make ;) . You’ll find herbed breads, sandwich breads and even foccacia, bagels, breadsticks, cinnamon rolls and monkey bread. Enjoy!
*Note: Descriptions below are quotes from the recipe sites
Bread Machine Monkey Bread Recipe By
Bread Machine Monkey Bread Recipe By
  1. Bread Machine Monkey Bread: (As seen in picture) As you can see, this is not the usual biscuits out of a can rolled in a ball, then coated with cinnamon and sugar kind of monkey bread. It’s so much better and easy too–if you use a bread machine. Recipe from Salad In A Jar.
  2. Caramelized Onion Foccacia: I love this recipe! It makes a really big foccacia so I usually make it as a main dish and just add a salad. I love using the dough feature on my bread machine because I can just throw in the bread ingredients. I also have a bread proofing feature on my oven which lets dough rise ~ and really well, LOL! That I have to keep an eye on. From A Recipe A Day.
  3. Cottage Recipe: Raisin Bagel Bread: Whenever I make bread, I throw a few ice cubes into the bottom of the oven about mid-way through baking. Moister air just seems to make for nicer bread. Brushing the loaf a few times with water while it is baking also adds some moisture to the oven and gives the bread a slightly glossy, less floury finished appearance. Recipe from Cottager’s Wife.
  4. Cottage Cheese Dill: Slightly tangy, a little sweet, and with a nice, light texture, it makes a great sandwich bread. Recipe from montcarte.
  5. Portuguese White: This bread recipe is a no-fail bread machine recipe that I have used for years. The ingredients are so simple and it makes the perfect loaf of bread every single time. Recipe from Mom Advice.
  6. Easiest Zucchini Bread Ever: If you don’t have a bread maker, I would recommend putting all of of this into a food processor or blender because you really want the oats to be chopped up pretty fine to make the texture of this bread nice. Recipe from Mommy’s Martini.
  7. Brioche with Yogurt: A Brioche is a French Bread which is rich and sweet in flavour, usually baked in a fluted pan or tins with a small spherical piece of dough placed on top. However, this recipe is for bread machines. Recipe from Blessed Homemaker.
  8. Rosemary Cheddar: The bread machine makes this herbed loaf a snap to prepare. Recipe from Taste Of Home.
  9. Italian Herb Bread: This makes a beautiful, fragrant loaf. One of these days I’m going to make it on the dough cycle and shape it and bake it into a fancy artisan shape, but for now, we just eat the regular squat, rectangular loaves as they come out of the machine. Recipe from Secrets Of A Southern Kitchen.
  10. Cinnamon Rolls: I’ve been making these cinnamon rolls for more than 20 years and it has evolved here and there. The biggest change has been going from kneading the dough myself, to making the dough in our bread machine with the dough setting. I really like using the bread maker because I don’t have to touch the dough (it’s an OCD thing) and there’s less mess. Also, the bread machine provides a warm covered place for the dough to rise on its first go round. Recipe from Controlling My Chaos.
  11. Pita Bread: Pita bread made with a bread machine, what could be easier? The only trick is to roll them thin enough (I didn’t roll my my first batch thin enough and they were lofty little pillows, but bad minimal pockets). The thinner batch made perfect pocket pitas. From Collen’s Recipes.
  12. How to Make Rolls: Use regular flour in your bread machine for the best dinner rolls ever. Here is step by step instructions for baking the perfect rolls, and using your bread machine to do all the kneading. Recipe from Notecook.
  13. 100% Whole Wheat Bread with Oats, Bran, and Flax Seed: I’ve spent the last few weeks on a quest to create South Beach Diet friendly bread using my Oster Bread Machine, and I finally have a recipe to share! Previously I’ve made South Beach friendly bread in the bread machine using a mix, but this time I wanted to make bread from scratch using all whole wheat flour, very minimal sugar, and a fair amount of fiber. Recipe from Kalyn’s Kitchen.
  14. Clone of a Cinnabon: Special Equipment: you will need a bread machine, rolling pin, a pastry brush, and some type of large baking dish with sides. Found at Sugarmamabakingco’s Blog.
  15. French Bread: After playing around with many different recipes I have finally created a French Bread Recipe that can be mixed in the bread machine that is wonderful! Recipe from Musings Of A Modern Day Mom.
  16. Molasses Oatmeal Bread Machine Recipe: My favorite of her many recipes was a Molasses Oatmeal bread that toasted beautifully, had a subtly sweet taste and a lovely light caramel color. After having such amazing success with the basic white bread recipe, I decided to be brave and attempt to adapt her recipe for the bread machine. The outcome is an addictive bread that takes me straight back to the bygone days of Saturday morning cartoons and She-Ra pajamas. I can think of very few things that I find more satisfying than two thick slices of this bread hot from the toaster and generously coated in real butter. I hope you enjoy it! Recipe from Erin Cooks.
  17. Rosemary Herbed Bread Like Macaroni Grill: Recipe from Anissa’s Kitchen.
  18. Cream Cheese Filled Breadsticks: One treat I really love is from one of the frozen pizza brands when came out with a cream cheese filled breadstick. However they are almost $6.00 a package of six : / ouch! I looked everywhere for a recipe for them to no avail so I came up with my own and actually I think my version really tastes better. Since I could not find a recipe for it online I thought I should post it. Recipe from Altered Artifacts.
  19. Homemade Soft Pretzels: Occasionally I cave and buy that $3 pretzel, but mostly I promise to make this homemade version that is just as tasty yet much less expensive. Since I let the kids form their own pretzels it is also much more fun. It just tastes better when you’ve made it yourself! Recipe from Frugal Upstate.

Vintage Recipe

Interested in trying an old recipe I have that’s just over 50 years old? Here’s the info:
Bread Dough & Ingredients
Bread Dough & Ingredients
Yield: 4 loaves
2 cups milk
2 cups water
2 pkg. active dry yeast OR 2 compressed yeast cakes
1 TBS salt
4 TBS sugar
4 TBS shortening or oil
About 12 cups sifted flour
*Note — You may make this white bread recipe with less yeast, if longer rising periods are allowed. Use 1 pkg. dry yeast or 1 yeast cake instead of 2.
Allow dough to rise for 3 hours and loaves for 2 hours.
  • Have all ingredients at warm room temperature.
  • Scald milk. Add boiling water. Measure 1 cup of liquid into small bowl. Allow to cool to luke warm (test on wrist for warmth). Add dry yeast and 2 teaspoons sugar and let stand 15 minutes. If compressed yeast is used crumble it into lukewarm water and blend. Let stand 15 minutes. Add remaining sugar and salt to remaining 3 cups of liquid. Mix. Let stand until lukewarm.
  • Add shortening and dissolved yeast to lukewarm liquid, then add half the sifted flour (6 cups) and mix with spoon. Add almost all the rest of the flour (about 5 1/2 cups) and mix with hand. Using one hand mix dough in bowl by using a rotary motion. At first dough will be sticky but by the end of about 5 minutes mixing it should be smooth and come away readily from inside of bowl. If it does not, add some of the reserved flour until it does come away from the bowl readily.
  • Turn out on greased board. Knead by folding dough over toward you. Then press down away from you with heel of hand. Give dough quarter turn, repeat until it’s smooth, elastic and doesn’t stick to board. (Takes 5 – 8 minutes).
  • Place dough in warm, lightly greased bowl, turning once to bring greased side up. Cover with lightweight damp cloth and let rise at warm room temperature 75° – 85° F. away from draughts for 2 hours or until double in bulk.
  • Punch down (thrust fist into dough to allow gas bubbles to escape). Turn out on lightly greased board. Cut into four even pieces. Form each into a ball. Cover and let rest 15 minutes. Grease loaf pans.
  • Shape balls of dough into loaves; first roll dough out to even thickness, using hands, pat and stretch it to form rectangle about 9 x 12 inches. Be sure no gas bubbles remain in edge of dough. From upper edge, roll dough towards you, sealing dough with heel of hand after each roll of dough. (It will take about four turns.) Seal well the final seam on bottom of loaf. Seal ends of loaf by using the side of the hand. Using fingers fold sealed ends of loaf under.
  • Place loaf, sealed edge down, in well greased bread pan. Cover. Let rise at warm room temperature 1 1/2 hours or until double in bulk. Bake at 400° F. about 55-60 minutes until brown. To test, tap loaf, tip gently out of pan and tap bottom. It should sound hollow. If not, bake a few more minutes.
*Loose page from an old cookbook (1960), “Very Good” written on top corner of recipe.

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