Family Farm

Family Farm

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cultured veggies, water and milk kefir, feta cheese workshop; recipes; more!
There are many things we can do in life to help protect our health and homes. From focus on air and water quality to commitments to the reduction of energy use, we can all help ensure the longevity of our bodies and our planet.

Cultured veggies, water and milk kefir, feta cheese workshop! Sunday, Sept. 18th, 1-5 pm. $65.
Goat ricotta, balsamic vinegar, black pepper ... not your typical dessert ingredients but oh, what an alluring combination! This is what you make when you have a handful of ripe summer cherries and a craving for something special yet not too sweet.
Now beware this does take awhile but it’s definitely worth it! The rich raw chocolate sauce blends perfectly with the coconut pudding, granola-cookie crunch and the sweetness from the raspberries. It’s the perfect parfait, each bite is so wonderful and satisfying, before you know it, your glass is e...
Making your own natural bath and body products can be a fun hobby. You don't have to sniff through aisles of products filled with unnatural ingredients and artificial fragrances; instead, you are in charge. You can mix up your own custom blend that soothes your senses and saves the sinuses. If yo...

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