Family Farm

Family Farm

Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Homestead Projects

Need some ideas for Winter Homestead Projects?
Check out the page!
  1. Winterize your house
  2. Build a birdhouse
  3. Build a bird feeder
  4. Set up a seed starting station
  5. Set up a re-potting bench/area
  6. Design your garden
  7. Buy and sort seeds for the coming season
  8. Organize your pantry
  9. Build a compost bin
  10. Build a vermacompost bin
  11. Organize your first aid and emergency supplies
  12. Build a cold frame
  13. Build a dehydrator or solar oven
  14. Build a coop
  15. Collect any supplies you think will need for the coming season
  16. Sharpen your knives and gardening tools
  17. Gather leaves for compost and mulch (check your gutters for some or even ask your neighbors)
  18. Learn to cook something new
  19. Learn to knit and/or sew
  20. Change your air filters (if you haven’t recently)
  21. Develop an emergency evacuation plan
  22. Install alternative energy system such as solar, geothermal and/or wind power
  23. Grow sprouts inside
  24. Set up a HAM radio
  25. Research – Read and watch movies on subjects to help the homestead  (get a library card if you don’t have one)

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