Family Farm

Family Farm

Friday, January 20, 2012

20 Brilliant Things to Make in a Jar!

Check out this fun website for 20 Brilliant Things to Make in a Jar!!!

Red velvet cupcakes in a jar

Salad in a jar

Cookies in a jar

Jars used as photo frames

Chocolate bread cooked in a jar

Pies cooked in a jar

Rosemary bread rolls cooked in a jar

Holiday memories displayed in a jar

Meals in a jar

Rainbow cupcakes cooked in a jar

Cheesecakes in a jar

Chandelier made from candles in jars

'Smores' marshmallow cakes cooked in a jar

Beach in a jar

Christmas scene in a jar

Berry crumble in a jar

Picnic ideas in a jar

Glass jars used as drink containers

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